Webcomic from Own Games?!

Nasi Goreng`s News | Wednesday, 06 June 2018
Webcomic from Own Games?!

Hi everyone!
Do you know that now Own Games also create and publish Webcomic?
Well.. If you haven't know about it yet.... We Do!! XD

Our first Web comic is: "Innaria"!
Innaria is an action comic that will take you in a journey through human's challenge in life.

Want to know more about the comic?
You can read it for FREE!!
Please check out the "Read Now" button below to start reading the first chapter of Innaria!
Don't forget to leave us comment, suggestion, and critiques so we can improve Innaria further!
We'll do our best to make Innaria as one of your most favorite webcomic!

Loved 6 times! ❤