Round Tofu BIG Update!!

Round Tofu`s News | Sunday, 14 January 2018

Round Tofu BIG Update!!
Thank you for waiting!
The BIG Update of Round Tofu is finally hereeee!!! WOoohhoooOO!

What's new in this update? Here you go:

2 Versus 2 Challenge System!
Join forces with 1 other player in team to invite more customers than your enemy's team!
Increase your rewards everytime you win a competition. Get extra one time rewards when you win at certain point. You can collect all of the rewards as long as you still have at least 1 heart and the event is still running. ^^

New Limited Edition Branch: Stone Age
Let's sell Round Tofu in the Stone Age! Your Job is to make sure that the Stone Age's people loves you. Otherwise, you'll have to close your shop before you cause problem with time continuum. Reach 250T coins of total sales before 11 February 2018 to keep your Stone Age Branch!

Significant Performance Improvements
You might see lots of change in the UI, and also lots of improvement in the quality of the display and also improvement in the games performance.

We've done the best that we could right now in this update. We hope that you'll love it as much as we do. Please expect to see more updates from us in this amazing year!