Special Ramadan Update!

Round Tofu`s News | Thursday, 09 May 2019

Special Ramadan Update!

Hello, hello, hello!
The big update that all of us is looked forward is now released!!!

This 2019 Special Ramadan Update has now been released officially and can be played by everyone. Yes, you heard it right! Everyone! Not only for beta tester, but all of you can enjoy this update! xD

So.. What is "special" from this update?
There are lots of new and special things! Beside its new and freshers graphics, Akang Tahu is back with two Ramadan features and one new Ramadan feature that you have never found in Tahu Bulat game before!
That looks so fun! Let’s see the details of these features bellow:

1) Sahur Trio
Sahur Trio is back again! Who is missing them? XD
For those of you who haven’t met them before, they are the Sahur Trio, which consists of Hansip, Bang Rebana, and Sahur Boy.
Okay… Then… What are they doing in Tahu Bulat?
They can wake your customers up at 3 to 5 AM to buy round tofu for sahur, and will make your income increase by 2x!

2) Cendol
The second feature that is back on this Ramadan: Cendol!
Cendol is one of indonesian traditional drink, that is made from rice flour!
So, Akang used this moment to sell Cendol to his customers who is looking for something fresh for break-fasting!
Cendol will increase your tofu price by 1000 coins for 10 hours. This is so cool!!

3: New Feature: KOLAK
Here comes the new feature in Tahu Bulat: KOLAK!
What is Kolak? Kolak is one of Ramadan popular food! It is usually contain of banana or sweet potato!
And now, you can make Kolak on your own, everyday during Ramadan, start from 7 to 11 PM!
Do you want it to have a lot of banana? You can! A lot of palm sugar? You can!
Or do you want it to have a lot of water? You can!
Create your own Kolak mix, decide the stock and selling price as you want, and sell them!
But remember… You can also lose your money, if customers don’t like your kolak mix or the price is so expensive for them xD

So, what do you think of this Tahu Bulat Special Ramadhan event?
Don’t forget to update Tahu Bulat to the latest version and enjoy this Ramadhan with us!

Last but not least...
Happy fasting!