Rista is Preparing Own Coffee Shop’s Winter Update! Stay tuned!

Own Coffee Shop`s News | Tuesday, 03 December 2019
Rista is Preparing Own Coffee Shop’s Winter Update! Stay tuned!

The days are getting colder..
The snows are starting to fall..
Welcome, Winter!
Rista from Own Coffee Shop will welcome you with her best hot coffee for this Winter!

Own Coffee Shop team is currently preparing a Special Winter Edition Update to make your upcoming holidays more festive!
Let us make your Winter warmer by our upcoming update! ^o^
So, what’s new in this update? Let’s see the details below!

[1] Mr. Maven Will Be Back!

Good news for all of you who are waiting for Mr. Maven to come to your shop again!
Mr. Maven will visit your shop in this festive season! You can find him later on Special Tab!
As always, Mr. Maven will sell exclusive and limited edition items that you can purchase with your Magical Raw Coffee Beans.
So, don’t forget to save your Magical Raw Coffee Beans for his visit! Trust me, you don’t want to miss this special collectible items!! xD

[2] Winter Event and Special Christmas Story!

There will be a series of events with special Christmas-themed story in this Winter Update!
You can meet Santa and the Elves in the Toy Village, too!
Not only that, you can get a very rare Winter Decorations for free from this event! Yup, you read it right, for free!
There is no reason to miss this event, right?

[3] Many Improvements Everywhere!

Last but not least, Own Coffee Shop Team is doing many improvements in the game! Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us about the improvements we made in this update! ^o^

Can’t wait for this update? Me too!!
Please stay tuned for Own Coffee Shop’s Winter Update!
The update will be released in no time!
We hope that all of you can enjoy this Winter Event with warmth and happiness with Own Coffee Shop! 

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