You can make Own Coffee Shop Better!

Own Coffee Shop`s News | Friday, 13 April 2018

You can make Own Coffee Shop Better!
Hi Everyone,

It's been almost 6 month since we published Own Coffee Shop and we're so glad to play with all of you!

We have lots of plan in Own Coffee Shop, including the Coffee Truck update that will come next week! Woohoo!
But for now, we would like to listen to all of you first! Should you have a feedback or anything else that you would love to tell us, please do so. It would make us really happy! You can always give us feedback via the review in the Play Store, via the comment section in any news post, via our facebook page (@owncoffeeshop), or even via email to gamemaster@own-games.com.

We also have prepared a survey form for you. If you have a couple minutes, please help us by filling out the survey. We'll use it to make Own Coffee Shop wayyy better! The survey is anonymous, so there's no way that we can know who fill the survey. Thus it makes us unable to reward you anything for filling the survey. But don't worry, we have this special voucher code for everyone. Please accept this as our thank you token, regardless you fill or not fill the form. Voucher code: "ThankYou".

Thank you for all the support everyone! Hope we can always entertain you!
Please stay tune for more news about the next big update!