Coffee Truck Update is Live!

Own Coffee Shop`s News | Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Coffee Truck Update is Live!
The Coffee Truck update is now live in Google Play Store!

In this update we also include lots of new stuff and improvements. We also implement some suggestions we received from the latest survey. Thank you to everyone who has filled the survey! We really appreciate it!

So let's see what's new in this update..

You can now sell coffee using the Coffee Truck! With Marvin as your Barista and Driver, you can start selling coffee in any location across the city!

Marvin is not your everyday normal Barista. He is special! He can use secret and special barista skills! He can serve coffee really fast by using his four-armed technique, he can also help you invite more customers to your coffee truck, and many more! Just start the coffee truck feature, you'll find a completely new playing experience inside your beloved Coffee Game!

You'll also received daily mission for your Coffee Truck! By completing the mission, you can collect golden coffee bean that can be exchanged with Furniture and Premium Items!

We also include lots of new improvement and polishing. Now everytime you sell donuts, croissants, or cakes in your shop, the item will be displayed on top of your cake display! We also have added more furniture and decorations with cheaper price! There're also more visual FX and also improved interface display to make your game experience better! Not to mention that we've tried our best to get rid of all the bugs we found!

And... that's not all! Tomorrow we'll reveal new character to you!
Hint: It's related with cookies~~

That's all for today's news! We hope you'll love the update as much as we do. Should you have any suggestion or feedback, please don't hesitate to contact us. We'll be very happy to keep improving the game!