Developer's Update!

Own Coffee Shop`s News | Sunday, 12 August 2018

Hi everyone!
I can't believe it's been more than one month since the last update! We're really sorry for the lack of news update from our side. We're focusing too much on creating new contents, preparing in-game weekly events, and also working on new updates. We also go to our very first offline events for Own Coffee Shop, please take a look at our booth below:

We served Rista's Cold Brew at the events. We're so happy that our coffee got sold out even before the event ends. We also able to meet lots of you that has already played the game and can have a good time talking about Own Coffee Shop with you! It's always a great opportunity to hear feedback directly from all of you! Thank you very much!!

So, we're very sorry for the lack of news updates for the past month. The lack of news updates doesn't mean that we're not working on the game anymore. Actually, in July we have already published several new features. Now you can unlock two new barista: Mega and Elmo. We also have a summer event on going now! In the summer event, you can unlock limited edition Coffee Stall skins and summer-themed decorations.

Next week, we'll published a big update!
In this update, you can start selling "Frappe"!
Do you wonder how it'll affect your coffee business?
We'll also start a new weekly event series next week.
There are many awesome things going to happen in Own Coffee Shop, so please stay tuned!!!

See you in the next news update, and please enjoy brewing your coffee.. ^^