Not Just a Beauty Update!

Own Coffee Shop`s News | Monday, 01 October 2018

Not Just a Beauty Update!
Hello again everyone!
Actually, this news is delayed for almost more than a week... But, well, better late than never. Thank you very much for always waiting for the update to all of you! XD

In this update, we spend a little extra time to include lots of beauty updates! From a new ilustration of Rista and Gusto in the offline revenue popup, several new custom buttons, and also more polished transition animation here and there. We hope this beauty update can improve your gameplay experience of Own Coffee Shop!

We also do some re-balancing in the game. You may have noticed that some targets for mission has been lowered to make the gameplay more enjoyable. We also have changed several price points, upgrade requirements, and many more!

Not just for the regular mission, we also have renew the daily mission system! From now on, the daily mission will be available in tiers. Each tier will have different target and rewards. So, now you can choose on which tier you'd like to play the mission. The daily mission also now being offered in 4 different areas: The Bazaar, The Beach, China Town, and... Wonderland!

As for the bug reports.... It's starting to sound like something trivia that we always include on every updates.. XD
But, please trust me, in every update, we always try our best to fix every bugs that we found. So, hopefully this update will cover lots of bug fixed and improve your experience!

So.. that's all from now!
Please stay tune for our Halloween update!
It'll be BIG!