Trick or Treat?!

Own Coffee Shop`s News | Thursday, 18 October 2018

Trick or Treat?!
Hey, everyone!
The Halloween update is herreeeeee~~~

We have lots of new features for you in this year's Halloween update:
Halloween costumes for customers, Rista, new decorative items, and also special daily gift: Candy!

What's candy for?
You can exchange the candy you've collected to premium items like Premium Coffee Beans! We also have a limited edition Frappe Box that can only be purchased using candy.
So.. if you're looking for a faster way to complete your Frappe Recipes collection, this is your chance!
Psstt.. The Candy can only be exchanged until 11th November 2018!

That's not all! We have two different types of Coffee Stall at the same time!
Yeah, you read it right! We have two types of Halloween's Themed Coffee Stalls for the next three weeks!
Awesome, isn't it? XD

Let's check both of the stalls.. The first one is a Frankenstein-themed Coffee Stall. It'll be available every weekend for the next 3 weeks! Let's sell the best coffee in the Halloween Bazaar together with Rista in this stall. You'll be able to collect various limited edition loots from this stall!

The other stall is a Vampire-themed Coffee Stall, we'll have Marco in charge in this stall. This stall is much much much easier to be completed compared to other type of stall.. And you'll get extra Candy for the rewards if you completed the daily target! Marco will be in charge in this stall daily until 4th November 2018 - so don't miss it!

Happy Halloween everyone!
Hope you'll enjoy this update as much as we do! ^^