Lovely Valentine's Day! 

Own Coffee Shop`s News | Sunday, 10 February 2019

Lovely Valentine's Day! 

Happy Valentine’s Day! <3

Do you know that everyone can enjoy and celebrate Valentine’s Day? It’s not just for lovebirds, like Romiet and Jullio! All of us can celebrate it
We can celebrate love in all forms because love is all around us
We can show some love to our family, friends, colleagues, or even our coffee shop’s customers in this lovely day!

Yup, Rista will show her love to her customers in this Valentine’s Day, by opening the coffee stall in Flower Garden! Aww.. Rista can be so sweet too sometimes… xD

What’s new in this Valentine’s Stall?
Rista said that she will give some
Super-Rare Valentine’s Decorations for free, to you who can reach the mission targets! I want, I want!!
This stall is available for 3 weeks, until March 2nd
, 2019!
There will also be
fun mini-game missions everyday to get some Magical Raw Coffee Beans, for free again!

That’s not enough for you? Don’t worry!
Daily Mission is still available during Valentine Event!
You can collect some Magical Raw Coffee Beans everyday and exchange them for the exclusive items in the Mr. Maven’s Cart!
Mr. Maven is also celebrating Valentine’s Day by providing
Valentine’s Special Items with very affordable price for you! xD

So… What do you think about this update? Are you ready to have fun with Rista in the Flower Garden Stall?! Don’t forget to update “Own Coffee Shop” to the newest version!

Psstt.. Psstt.. By the way, Rista heard that Romiet and Jullio is having a bad time on this Valentine's Day. What happened to them???