Chinese New Year 2019 Update is Here!

Own Coffee Shop`s News | Thursday, 31 January 2019

Chinese New Year 2019 Update is Here!

New Update to celebrate Chinese New Year is here!

Happy Chinese New Year!

We hope that your days ahead are filled with joy and prosperity!

So here Rista is! Wearing gorgeous red cheongsam and two hair buns on her head, she is ready to open the coffee stall at the Chinese Garden to accompany the customers in this cheerful day! But… Shouldn't we sell Chinese Tea instead? Well.. Let’s see what happen next! xD

As always, we always offer you something interesting in every event!
In this event, you can get
Super-Rare Chinese New Year decorations if you reached the mission targets in every week. There are also many other nice Chinese-themed rewards for you, for free!

There’s also Lion Dance Performance in this Chinese Garden. You can meet the Lion Dance Duo,
Alan and Ahong! Don’t miss their once-a-year performance!

Errr… B-b-but… Why are there a pig in our stall?
I know this is Pig Year… But, a pig in a coffee stall is too much….
Wait! I think I know that pig! WHAA!!
He is Gusto! He is wearing a pig costume!
Let’s call him Zhu Gus To, then Hahahaha... xD

Zhu Gus To looks so excited to serve the customers in the Chinatown’s Daily Mission! Our customers must be happy and entertained by Zhu Gus To’s amusing costume! xD
Get Free Magical Raw Coffee Beans every day by finishing the daily mission, and you can exchange it for the exclusive items in the Mr. Maven’s Cart! There are also special low-priced Chinese New Year items for you!

There’s something exciting more! You have one chance each day to get a Free Feng Shui Prediction by Zhu Gus To! You decide! Will you donate some of your Magical Raw Coffee Beans to avoid the bad luck of the Feng Shui prediction? Or will you save your Magical Raw Coffee Beans and keep working hard no matter what will happen? It’s up to you! xD

Chinese New Year Event is available until 10th March, 2019!
So, what are you waiting for? Don’t miss this Chinese Event! Update the game and play “Own Coffee Shop” now!