Own Games Birthday Parade!

Own Coffee Shop`s News | Thursday, 14 March 2019

Own Games Birthday Parade!

Ms. Purnama        : “Happy birthday to you~”
Uda Padang         : “Happy birthday to you~”
Mr. Chef                : “Happy birthday~”
Round Tofu Guy    : “Happy birthday~”
Mr. Critics              : “Happy birthday to you~”
Rista                      : “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, OWN GAMES!”

Happy 6th Birthday, Own Games!
Rista prepared a big surprise to celebrate Own Games' birthday!

What is it? What is it?!

She will invite all Own Coffee Shop’s special customers to your coffee shop! Woohhooo!
Everyone will come in these 3 weeks to enliven Own Games’ birthday! xD

Here are the list of the events:

Own Birthday Parade 1/6
๐Ÿ“… :    March 15-17, 2019
๐ŸŽ :    Mr. Critics, Lovely Coffee Chair, Green Chair, 3 Magical Raw Coffee Beans

Own Birthday Parade  2/6
๐Ÿ“… :    March 19-20, 2019
๐ŸŽ :    Uda Padang, Hot Coffee Poster, Coffee Mug Shelf, Premium Bean [S]

Own Birthday Parade 3/6
๐Ÿ“… :    March 22-24, 2019
๐ŸŽ :    Round Tofu Guy, 3 Magical Raw Coffee Beans, Gold Frappe Gift

Own Birthday Parade 4/6
๐Ÿ“… :    March 26-27, 2019
๐ŸŽ :    Ms. Purnama, Cream Cake Table, 4-Leaf Clover Decoration, 3 Magical Raw Coffee Beans

Own Birthday Parade 5/6
๐Ÿ“… :    March 29-31, 2019
๐ŸŽ :    Mr. Chef, Frappe x10, Coffee Fountain

Own Birthday Parade 6/6
๐Ÿ“… :    April 1-7, 2019
๐ŸŽ :    Mr. Critics, Uda Padang, Round Tofu Guy, Ms. Purnama, Mr. Chef, Premium Cake

Each of the special customers brings many premium items, special decorations, and other exclusive items for you. But! You should do something for them..
You have to reach the target at each event to invite the special customers to your coffee shop permanently (and of course, receive the gifts they brought to you!).

This is a super-rare chance for you who have never invited the special customers before. Each special customer has a good effect that will be very useful for your coffee shop..
Each of them also has an interesting story. You can listen their stories by invite them~ Sorry, there’s no spoilers here. Hahaha... xD

And for you who have invited them before, there's no need to worry~
You can upgrade their level for better effects!

Not only that!
On this 6th birthday, Own Games will treat you with special FREE COMIC STRIPS!
Our comic strips will tell you about all of the Own Coffee Shop’s characters!
To read the comic, just click the Menu Button in the upper left, then you will find the Comic Button there to start reading!
You can read the comic strips on Own Games’ website too!

So, don't forget to update Own Coffee Shop to the latest version~
You can follow us on the FB Page too: Own Coffee Shop!

โ€‹Well, then!
See you later! Have fun on this 6th Own Games special birthday events!