Spring Has Come!

Own Coffee Shop`s News | Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Spring Has Come!

Flowers bloom~
Warm spring breeze blows all over the town~
Spring has come!!

In this occasion, Rista decided to serve customers who are enjoying the spring in the Central Park with her coffee.
Central Park looks very different and beautiful! It is decorated with Alice in Wonderland theme during this spring! xD

The coffee stall will be opened twice for two weeks. Of course, each event will give you some rare and special spring rewards!
Here are the details of the events:

First Event (April 11 - April 14, 2019)

Bronze Tier:
- 75 M -> Easter Eggs Poster
- 500 M -> Spring Flower Table

Silver Tier:
- 2.5 B -> Easter Eggs Poster
- 10 B -> Spring Flower Table
- 20 B -> Premium Bean [S]

Gold Tier:
- 5 B -> Easter Eggs Poster
- 15 B -> Spring Flower Table, Rabbit ‘n Egg Vase
- 50 B -> Premium Bean [S], Clock, Standing Flower Lamp

Second Event (April 18 - April 21 2019)

Bronze Tier:
- 100 M -> Red Egg Poster
- 250 M -> Green Egg Posters
- 750 M -> Stripped Egg Posters

Silver Tier:
- 5 B -> 3 Egg Posters
- 15 B -> Mushroom Chair
- 30 B -> Blue Frappe Gift

Gold Tier:
- 10 B -> 3 Egg Posters
- 25 B -> Mushroom Chair
- 75 B -> Alice in Coffee Shop Chair, Red Frappe Gift

So, what do you think? So exclusive, right?
Rista also loves the special spring decorations so much!

Other than that, there will also be special spring character!
In this event, you can meet the Spring’s fertility symbol. Yup, a hare! xD
Hmm.. Can you guess what will the hare do in our stall? We'll see that~

Alright then~
See you at the spring events! Don’t miss it!
And don't forget to update Own Coffee Shop to the latest version! ^o^