Nasi Goreng Game's First Anniversary!

Nasi Goreng`s News | Thursday, 25 January 2018
Nasi Goreng Game
Exactly one year ago, Nasi Goreng Game was released! Now we are officially one year old!

Thank you for all of you continuous supports! We're very happy to be able to entertain you through Nasi Goreng Game. Let's see what's been happening from the first 1 year of Nasi Goreng Game:

          1 Million Downloads!! Whoa, that's a lot!!

          26 Million Recipes successfully made! Hmm.. I wonder how many people it could feed.

          Mba Pur has been asked for insight of Nasi Goreng Recipes for more than 20 Million Time!

Awesome! The first one year is very awesome! But of course there will be more this year. We've already planned some updates, including the new feature: A.R.E.N.G (Nasi Goreng's Association) that will be released tomorrow!

Once again, thank you very much to all of you! We'll never get this far without your support. Please stay tuned for our next update!
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