Own Kingdom


Release Date:
April 2014


The demons has come and possessed the kingdom. The kingdom that once calm and peaceful is now shrouded with purple-black mist that force the princess to escape from her own kingdom. But now it's payback time! Let's gather the best soldiers, archers, and mages from all around the kingdom and reclaim our kingdom back!

Own Kingdom are a new type of strategy war game that also mix RPG and Action game elements. Wrapped in beautifully drawn fantasy theme, Own Kingdom offers an intense war gameplay that will takes your strategy war gaming experience to the maximum!

Own Kingdom main features:
  • 15 unique job class that can be arranged to fit your own strategy
  • Every high level job class has its own unique special power
  • 4 kind of princess' super power
  • Hero system with 3 carefully designed characters
  • Achievement and upgrade system
  • 20 unique demons and monster types
  • 3 mode of gameplay
  • 3 save data slots
  • Secret bosses
  • And many more...