Dragons were supposed to be extinct. But one day, scientists of Own Kingdom have found a secret place where dragons still exist. The King is really excited to build a world where human and dragon can live together. Therefore he invites all breeders around the world to raise them.
Let's join us and raise your

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Fire Dragon

Fire Dragon's Egg can be found in the lava stream near volcanoes. It is said that Fire Dragon hide their eggs at the hottest flow of lava so it will be save from predator's attack.

Fire Dragon are very active, powerful, and have lots of power. However you must pay attention to this type of dragon, because they easily become angry and hungry.

Evolution Diagram

Baby Dragon: Firegon
Average Child Dragon: Ogreon
Good Child Dragon: Flamegon
Mutant Adult Dragon: Lizardon
Ancient Adult Dragon: Ismenion
Perfect Adult Dragon: Blazeon

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