Dragons were supposed to be extinct. But one day, scientists of Own Kingdom have found a secret place where dragons still exist. The King is really excited to build a world where human and dragon can live together. Therefore he invites all breeders around the world to raise them.
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Rock Dragon

The dragon researcher team in the desert was just about to be dismissed. The council decides that the team was just wasting money in studying the rock and the fossils in the desert. Until one day, a bright young scientist found a rock in the desert thathas a dragon soul inside and resurrect the dragon soul.

Rock dragon is really slow, but they are extremely strong. They don't want to waste too much energy during the day, thus makes them love to stay in the same location all day doing nothing that make it so hard to differentiate them with a normal rock.

Evolution Diagram

Baby Dragon: Rockon
Average Child Dragon: Pebblon
Good Child Dragon: Stoneon
Mutant Adult Dragon: Akikon
Ancient Adult Dragon: Canyon
Perfect Adult Dragon: Bouldron

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