Dragons were supposed to be extinct. But one day, scientists of Own Kingdom have found a secret place where dragons still exist. The King is really excited to build a world where human and dragon can live together. Therefore he invites all breeders around the world to raise them.
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Light Dragon

Thanks to the discovery of the sky dragon, now the scientist can easily do their research in the sky, even in the highest point! High high in the sky, the scientist finaly reach the hidden temple of the legendary light dragon.

Light dragon is really wise that sometimes you won't understand them at all. They have a very very long age and can live with little to no food. They are strong both in attack and defense, and not to mention they are also have a really fast movement. Instead of having wings, they have a green light panel behind their back.

Evolution Diagram

Baby Dragon: Lighton
Average Child Dragon: Trangon
Good Child Dragon: Raygon
Mutant Adult Dragon: Cringon
Ancient Adult Dragon: Shineon
Perfect Adult Dragon: Brighton

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