Dragons were supposed to be extinct. But one day, scientists of Own Kingdom have found a secret place where dragons still exist. The King is really excited to build a world where human and dragon can live together. Therefore he invites all breeders around the world to raise them.
Let's join us and raise your

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Forest Dragon

Forest Dragon was believed to be extinct a thousand years ago. Until a hiker was accidentally fallen into the misty valley and found the legendary Forest Dragon's Egg. The scientists have used all of their knowledge to revive the legendary Dragon thus today we can easily get the Forest Dragon's Egg.

Forest Dragon is extremely calm, healthy, and almost never get sick. You should pay attention when this dragon fight with another type of dragon, because they are not as strong as the others.

Evolution Diagram

Baby Dragon: Foreston
Average Child Dragon: Pixon
Good Child Dragon: Leafon
Mutant Adult Dragon: Komodon
Ancient Adult Dragon: Ladon
Perfect Adult Dragon: wealdon

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